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Matthew Schrager

Matthew Schrager

Co-CEO and Head of Research

Matt Schrager is Co-CEO and Head of Research of Headlands Tech Global Markets, LLC ("HTGM"), a FINRA registered broker dealer that has grown into one of the leading liquidity providers in the fixed income markets.

Prior to joining Headlands, Mr. Schrager worked at DRW Trading Group, where he managed a suite of products providing pricing and analytics for a number of fixed income asset classes. These products served as the basis for several trading desks and strategies throughout the firm.

Since joining Headlands in 2015, Mr. Schrager has overseen the build-out of HTGM’s industry-leading research and trading infrastructure. Under his management, HTGM has grown from a start-up into one of the premier automated liquidity providers in the fixed income markets. Along the way, Mr. Schrager has had a hand in virtually every aspect of the business, from trading to software engineering to quantitative research. Today, he is focused on bringing HTGM’s world-class liquidity provision services to as many counterparties across the market as possible.

Mr. Schrager holds a BBA in Business from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.